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blockjam 2005 ( 02.07.2005 ) - 07.07.2005 by saL-onE
last saturday there was another edition of blockjam held in haaksbergen here in holland and i couldn't resist to go. my main reason to go was to meet up with some of my old friends who were there who i haven't seen since 1991, give or take a year. i kinda went short notice, decided to go like an hour before i went, so i couldn't do a panel because you have to do a reservation upfront to do one.

the turnup was a little dissapointing to be honest compared to the previous blockjam events, and the quality of the majority of pieces was not that good. mind you, when it comes to graffiti i prefer oldskool style, so it's just a matter of taste i guess, however there were just a lot of pieces badly painted. there were many unknown writers and for some reason some ( known ) writers didn't turn up who normally always come, which was really a pitty because it would have changed the quality bigtime. nevertheless i had a lot of fun and it was cool to see my old friends again.

i made some pictures of pieces which i liked or which were sprayed well, you can check them out below or just click on the link in the left navigation under "events: blockjam2005" to check them out.

saL onE

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